A wedding is a very exciting event, something that connects people to each other…Not only the bride, the groom and their families, but even the guests are more closer to each other for a day.

A wedding is full of feelings of happiness and melancholy at the same time… nothing should be forgotten, but it turned into a good dose of humor and happiness.


These moments are unique and short-lived. Because of the daily hustle some excitement will not survive the day of the wedding and after a short period of time will be supplanted by other thoughts. For this reason I try to channel these unique and unrepeatable energies of the moments through my photos; elegantly to demonstrate that intensity of the day…

Of course marriage is above all accompanied by the “official wedding photos”, the newlyweds in various ceremonial actions of the church, the municipality or other location of their choice. This alone shows the difference between the amateur and the professional.
In times of smartphones and miniature cameras it is vital for a professional to be equipped with proper equipment so that he/she is able to deliver to the customer the very best regardless of the situation.sposa_riflesso_finestra_pensiero_donna_ragazza_spagna_madrid_matrimonio_barcellona_emanuele_pagni_fotografo_matrimoni_matrimonio

Besides, a good photograph is characterized by its own style, a distinct visual language. On the one hand a matter of experience and on the other a constant artistic search. My mission, guided by my passion, is to capture the different moments of a wedding in the most poetic way possible.
As a wedding photographer based in Berlin and Florence I consider myself lucky to have the chance to live and to be able to pursue my profession in some of the most attractive and creative cities.

reportage_wedding_day_matrimonio_villa_medicea_childrens_games_park_riception_emanuele_pagni_wedding_photographer_florence_italy_genoa_tuscany_uk_england_londonNaturally, regardless of the setting, the bride and groom are the center of the party around which everything revolves; protagonists of a story that will be told with pictures and like any good story, it has a beginning, a climax and a happy ending.

Over the years I have realized that the success of a wedding lies in the spontaneity of the wedding party and the guests. However, sometimes the sight of the photographer or cameraman tends to intimidate them and limit their genuineness. My task then becomes, to capture moments without your guests perceiving my presence so that their spontaneity is not limited. Through my experience I have acquired a sense of when I can press the shutter button and when it is appropriate to wait and make myself as silent and discreet as possible.

Additionally, since photos are digital and may be processed in different ways, I use it to my advantage to deliver an artistic, unique and fresh results…

in memory of emotions lived and revived.

Good lights…