Wedding Reception

At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom and all of their guests will go together to the location chosen for the reception.

This is when tension and emotions are released, allowing space to laugh and joke, when we eat and dance and the bride and groom celebrate with those closest to them. At this moment full of spontaneity and fun, outside of the protocol of ceremony, I try to silently and discreetly capture with my camera the emotion in people’s faces and in the details of this part of the day of celebration, full of intense sensations…

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The most important moment of your wedding day: the ceremony

It doesn’t matter if the place you have chosen is a church or a municipal office, a small country chapel or a cathedral, or if you chose a civil or religious ceremony.

The location that you chose should be exactly as you have always dreamed it would be, and as your photographer it will be my job to immortalise it, capturing the faces of your guests, the tears and the laughter, the flowers, the musicians, the lighting: every detail will reflect one of the most exciting moments of your life and will become etched into your memory…

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Getting Ready

The getting ready of your wedding is the starting point of your married life

These are private moments, unrepeatable, full of apprehension but fun at the same time… for the photographer they are an authentic and inexhaustible source of magnificent and spontaneous shots.

The future husband and wife are not yet together, and each welcomes their relatives, friends and those who will help them to get ready for the ceremony into their respective homes.

A small buffet, makeup and dresses thrown on the bed… adjusting the groom’s tie or cufflinks… excitement and agitation on their faces because they want everything to be on time and perfect before setting off for the location where the ceremony will take place…

Beautiful opportunities for photographs that will allow you to relive the excitement when you look at them together and share the moments that you could not participate in because you were doing the same thing in another place, before your rendezvous.

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The portrait is another important aspect of my job. I´ve been practicing in studio and on reports in different countries. The cultural differences, the different perception and the different use of colors can distinguish the faces and their expressions and so this becomes object of study that enriches the whole professional field.

I collaborated with some of the best experts in this area of photography, analysing and developing the different techniques of this art.

To portray people is to pick the essence of the photographed subject throughout the use of the photocamera, underlining or emphasising the physical and psychological aspects.

The portrait is a very important moment between the photographer and the subject, where the single person communicates with itself, with the author and with the future observer.

I am available for any kind of portraits, for all the targets.

From the performance of portraits in studio or on location, for job, business, privates, children, families, acts.

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Fotograf für eine Hochzeit in Berlin und Umfeld



My wedding photos arise from travelling and reportages experiences, because I believe that wedding photos must be interpreted and lived like an image diary of one special day in the life of two persons, maybe the most intense.

The day of the wedding has all the hallmarks inherent of a journey: anxiety, joy, emotion and the “unpredictability”, despite everything being organised in all its details.

The journey starts and the newlyweds get ready, the authenticity of the change of dress starts, the brides make-up, the festive arrival of the guest.

The ceremony is one of the most important moments of the day, both being it celebrated in a big city like Berlin or in a small church in the valleys of Tuscany.

During the ceremony the atmosphere becomes more relaxed and the joy at the newlyweds table becomes bigger. The people laugh, sing, enjoy themselves.

As an observer of this vital explosion, I try to fix with my camera the flow of this river of energy and bring back in the images of the emotional involvement that pervades people and facts.

I follow the newlyweds when they are free to interacts with the guests, when they walk together in places that they are very fond of and I, in a very discrete way, try to stop in every image all of these moments, without invading there space.

Finally, also the presentation of the photo album will be different from the standard wedding photography!!

A new, fresh, elegant result is necessary, so that to make even more exciting the memory of one of the most important day of your life…

If you are close to a similar event and you want to make yourself of for somebody else a precious gift that will remain in time, if you wish, you can contact me with no commitment…