“A good photo is one that you look at for more than a second” here is the opinion of the master Henri Cartier Bresson. A phrase very valuable especially today, completely inundated with images of all kinds. And especially when we refer to the pictures to include in our professional CV for European and international opportunities.

Particularly, in Germany a “Bewerbungsfoto” is a photo taken by a professional photographer with the intent to present oneself to future employers hence, special attention must be given as a really good Bewerbungsfoto plays an important role in the application process and selection. In this case a prepared photographer uses his experience to get the best and most targeted results possible. Even the right equipment and appropriate backgrounds in his study help to achieve this goal.

beauty_frau_tatoo_modell_mode_fashion_face_emanuele_pagni_berlinBeauty©Emanuele Pagni

It is inevitable not to rely on the expert for any portraits from portraits at ceremonies, engagements, portraits of couples, photo gifts to portraits for business, artistic portrait, boudoir, etc. ..


“Bewerbungsfoto” ©Emanuele Pagni


Family©Emanuele Pagni

The portrait can be of all types and captures particular moments and situations of life. For example, in many countries of northern Europe and North America it is very common to display the portrait of their pets to show their affection. Personal images make an ideal gift for friends or family, often far away as it is beautiful to see how the character, the expression, the mood and the circumstances reflected in a good portrait are brought to light.


Boduoir©Emanuele Pagni
A very popular kind of portrait is “family portrait”, made not only in the studio but also on location, surrounded by nature or in your own back yard. There are almost always children, often newborns and the challenging task of the photographer is to make this unique portrait a memory of the family… exciting stages of individual life or of family life to make indelible…


Artistic portrait©Emanuele Pagni

A portrait, either private or artistic, requires the touch of the people behind the camera. The dialogue between the subject(s) and the professional is the result of essential effort during which the initial shyness is demolished, giving way to spontaneity and the desire to perform with each other, with the lights and maybe some personal accessory that describes them.

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