Wedding_photographer_green_lightThe happiest day for a couple in love is most probably their wedding day. As a wedding photographer with international experience I do my best to capture the most important moments of this special day with the same intense passion as the feeling experienced by the enamoured. I constantly think of the uniqueness and the importance of this joyful day in the two people’s life. That is why I am committed to letting it resonate in the memory in an authentic way as long as possible.

My instrument is painting with light

Wedding_photographer_painting_with_lightMy name is Emanuele and I am a wedding photographer with an international experience in various sectors: reportage, wedding photojournalism, portrait. In Italy, where I was born, I was always fascinated by acting and art. Among others, I was a student of Michael Margotta, collaborator of Jack Nicholson. In recent decades, I have participated in several exhibitions in Italy and in Germany and kept to develope my skills over the years and to live my passion. My last exhibition, entitled “Sister Loneliness”, was held in March 2015, while I was already active as a wedding photographer in Berlin and Germany-wide.

Wedding_photography-painting_with_lightIn the past, during my work as a photographer for the Italian trade unions and as a journalist, I discovered my great love for portraits and especially for the wedding reportage. Cooperating with such masters as Gildardo Gallo, a Vogue photographer, and Sandro Bini from Deaphoto, teached me a lot and evolved my lifelong passion. In 2015, in Berlin, I have actively collaborated with and studied under the internationally renowned photographer Magnus Reed. In him I found a truly talented teacher who helped me to further refine my style. The love for my work has continually strengthened and now I’m happy to be an experienced wedding photographer based in Berlin.

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Wedding photographer with passion

I currently commute between Germany and my Italian hometown of Florence, never missing an opportunity to catch up on the latest trends in the artistic scenes of both countries, but above all to keep up to date with the latest developments in portrait photography. Although I am basically interested in all kinds of this multi-faceted sub-genre – be it artistic, business or private shots – my true passion, however, belongs to my work as a wedding photographer and the particularly emotional moments that allow me to create this kind of light painting.

In my work as a photographer, I try to bring in the visually most exciting aspects and combine them with my artistic ambition. My love for my job is fulfilled in the opportunity to put my experience at the service of a couple in love, and it always gives me great pleasure to make a happy couple just a little bit happier!

I wish you a beautiful light!