Preparations for the wedding are the beginning of the journey of a couple’s life and to be successful, it has to be well planned. Building mutual trust with the happy couple is vital for wedding photojournalism – trust that is created through conversations about the wedding reportage either in person or through phone or Skype.

Classic vs. nativeness

Wedding photojournalism reception night bride laughingI try to keep my style unique and a little bit “Italian” to seize private moments and emotions, but my job as a photographer is the journalistic reportage for wedding. In my opinion, very often in a classic wedding album, photos appear old, people are in narrow groups and they only pose with forced smiles. Sometimes, the classic albums are not able to convey the depth of the emotions experienced; hence, they fill the dusty shelves of a library and are forgotten.

This is what I try to avoid doing my work. Of course, also classic shots will be taken but in the most spontaneous and natural manner. The wedding reportage must be able to capture images of reflection and impatience, hilarious and private scenes, with the ultimate goal of still leafing through an authentic document even after many years.

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Wedding photojournalism for true emotions

Photojournalism tells an authentic story through images of life, showing the spontaneous moments between you and your guests during your day. All is captured: the preparations with your family and friends, the small buffet in the house, adjusting the tie and discussing the final details.

Wedding photojournalism groom carried by friendsThe highlight of the wedding day: the ceremony, no matter where it takes place and how it is arranged. Everything will be documented and shared again through the images. The bride and groom may wish to be alone or surrounded by their guests, in a small town church or in a cathedral. I would consider myself lucky to be present at all these moments until the end of the reception, after singing, the wedding dinner, the hugs and congratulations, when laughter and cheerfulness have displaced the painstakingly concealed tension of the day.

Wedding photos classic vs. natural - reception bride and groom eating cakeFor me as a wedding reporter, the most important moments are those almost invisible fractions of seconds in which feelings show themselves, even beyond the “protocol”. That’s what wedding photojournalism is all about. And it is wonderful for the photographer to realise that he has lived up to the expectations and trust of the bride and groom and to see the joyful curiosity flare up in the eyes of the newlyweds when they can calmly relive all the moments of this special day with a high-quality photo album.

I wish you a good light!