As your wedding photographer specialised in wedding reportage, my job is to eternise your day of all days in a unique way. A day which is public and private at the same time. I invite you to look at my works and to share with me your ideas so I can translate them into the photos of your wedding. I’ll be happy to listen your wishes. I’m based in Florence and in Berlin, but I’ll be pleased to come to any place you choose to get married.

Moments that become unforgettable

Wedding day bride prepares for the ceremonyI´ll be with you from the first moment of this special day. The moments when you prepare, when your best friends help you to recollect curls, when your mother comes into the room and suddenly realises that her little girl has become a woman. While you’re preparing your make-up and you put on lipstick, when you wear your beautiful wedding dress, while your sister helps to put on the bridal veil. The last look in the mirror and the joy that is reflected in your eyes. The last loving embrace with your mother before you start a new, exciting way of life. I love to photograph all these thrilling moments and transform them into memories.

The ceremony which is sealed with a kiss

Wedding photographer between Berlin and Florence - unforgettable moments

I capture forever the moment you arrive in the church or in another place you have chosen for one of the most exciting days of your life, where you, wearing a wedding dress, will see the person you have chosen to share the rest of your life with for the first time, waiting at the altar. …Your eyes… The most intense and touching moments of the ceremony and the moment when you seal your love with a kiss. But also the joy and excitement, and the big party that you announce to begin.

Inquire now without obligation

Wedding day photo session married couplePhotos that tell a story

Beyond the ceremony and the reception – show yourself during a photo session as the enamoured that you are, not being hosts and without stress. Enjoy the love that you now share as a married couple. In a very private way and in a charming setting. Whenever you will review these images, you will remember this unforgettable day…

We’ll get to know each other well

My training has been very varied and arts have accompanied me all my life. Many talented people teached me a lot and helped me to become what I am today: an experienced wedding photographer working between Berlin and Florence who can sensitively and skillfully immortalize your wedding ceremony in the photos you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

I look forward to capturing the moments that will become your memories. If you want more information about me and my work don’t hesitate to contact me.

Good light!